Pharmacoeconomics: theory and practice
№3, 2019, Vol.7

Arinina E.E., Kostina E.O., Kulikov A.Y., .., Serpik V.G., Yagudina R.I. 1910

The aim of the research was a comparative analysis of the economic consequences of smoking in the Russian Federation (from 2009 to 2018). The analysis included calculations direct (costs the cost of economicburden of tobacco-related diseases) and indirect costs (losses gross domestic product (GDP) due to premature disability, premature death, reduced productivity, damage from fires due to smoking). As a result of the study, it was determined that the total economic damage from smoking in 2018 amounted to 5 604 billion rubles, which amounted to about 5.4% of GDP for the year. Compared to 2016, the economic burden of smoking increased by 46% (including inflation).

Krylov V.A. 2017

This article describes the currently used methods of indirect comparisons. The possibilities of using adjusted indirect comparison by the «Bucher method» are considered in detail. An indirect comparison of menotropin vs follitropin - alpha + menotropin is performed on the K. Buhler clinical trial. The indirect comparison showed no statistically significant differences between menotropin and follitropin-alpha + menotropin: OR=0.92 (0.68; 1.24), RR=0.93 (0.71;1.21).