Pharmacoeconomics: theory and practice
№2, 2014, Vol.2

Kirichenko O.N., Yakovleva L.V. 10700

Summary: The analysis of insulin agents’ consumption in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine as of the data of years 2008-2012 has been carried out using the АТС/DDD methodology in terms of DDDS/1000 of persons/day. The low level of consumption, compared to the European countries, as well as its reduction, compared to the data of 2008, has been determined. The structural analysis has shown low insulin consumption. The highest consumption level has been determined for the human insulin agent. The data on provision of PD-1 patients with insulin medications, without consideration of PD-2 patients’ consumption, evidence the inconsistence of the consumption volume with PD-1 case rate. Key words: consumption analysis, insulin preparations, pancreatic diabetes

Germanyuk T.I., Ivko T.I. 5044

Summary The pharmacoeconomic study on the medicine regimens of diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2 was conducted with the purpose of their improvement. The research was based on the retrospective analysis of 599 medical histories of patients of type 2 diabetes. These patients were treated at the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Endocrinology Clinic in 2011-2012. The studies of medicine regimens were performed by the «cost-effectiveness» analysis. We have found that the scheme of pharmacotherapy metformin+gliclazide has cost-effective advantage over the scheme pharmacotherapy metformin+glimepiride.