Germanyuk T.I., Ivko T.I. 5136

Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of therapy scheme of the 2nd type diabetes in the Vinnytsia Regional clinical endocrinology clinic in 2011-2012 (Ukraine)

Summary The pharmacoeconomic study on the medicine regimens of diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2 was conducted with the purpose of their improvement. The research was based on the retrospective analysis of 599 medical histories of patients of type 2 diabetes. These patients were treated at the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Endocrinology Clinic in 2011-2012. The studies of medicine regimens were performed by the «cost-effectiveness» analysis. We have found that the scheme of pharmacotherapy metformin+gliclazide has cost-effective advantage over the scheme pharmacotherapy metformin+glimepiride.
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