Pharmacoeconomics: theory and practice
№4, 2015, Vol.3

Serpik V.G., Ugrekhelidze D.T., Yagudina R.I. 5045

Budget impact analysis is one of the main methods of pharmacoeconomic analysis and obligatory one for pharmacoeconomic assessment during the apply for inclusion in state reimbursement list in the Russian Federation. Results of budget impact analysis being presented in monetary values are the most convincing ones among the pharmacoeconomic values for healthcare decision-makers. The conduct of budget impact analysis includes such stages as choice of effectiveness criteria, costs analysis. During this type of pharmacoeconomic assessment the following factors are taken into account: time horizon, the peculiarities of choice of patients’ models, characteristics of market penetration with health technologies. Budget impact analysis presents wide opportunities for conducted pharmacoeconomic assessment, defining the total economic impact under basic scenario. In the same time budget impact analysis allows to compare the figures of total economic impacts for several technologies, showing the least costly alternatives. If it is necessary using budget impact analysis it is possible to make accurate models describing the budgets of any healthcare programme of ones for treatment of certain nosologies with the function of prognosis and optimization.