Pharmacoeconomics: theory and practice
№1, 2014, Vol.2

Kulikov A.Y., Serpik V.G., Yagudina R.I. 6334

Currently the health care system of the Russian Federation has gone through the stages of systematic changes to meet the modern requirements and realize the settled objectives. However, the mentioned changes are not only limited to the incorporation of innovative prophylactic, medical-diagnostic and rehabilitative technologies but they mainly affect the areas of management and decision-making in the health system. One of the most important tips in the health system management is the development of rules/algorithms including medical technologies in public health programs. Taking into account the ongoing public deliberations on the draft of the rules on forming the lists of medicines, it’s an actual point to submit to the professional community the author’s vision on the algorithm of decision-making in regard to the inclusion/exclusion of medicines in public programs/lists on the basis of pharmacoeconomic assessment. The offered algorithm of the article involves two stages. The goal of the first stage is the expertise on the pharmacoeconomic assessment of the considered medicament. The requirements applicable to the pharmacoeconomic research of the considered medicine are designed and introduced in the scopes of the expertise. The second stage applies to the actual decision-making algorithm based on the pharmacoeconomic assessment (in the case of the expertise is conducted). The algorithm is a list of strict formal rules interpreting the outcomes of pharmacoeconomic assessments. The rules are seen as sufficient conditions to deliver a recommendation for the approval or refusal on including/ leaving of the medicine in the public program of medicine supply.