Alimov N.K., Zurdinova A.A., Kubanychbek K.. 394

Assessment of the psychotropic medicines availability in the Kyrgyz Republic

Mental disorders account for a significant proportion of the total global burden of disease, with depression and anxiety being among the top ten causes of disability between the ages of 10 and 49. Pharmacological treatments for mental disorders are effective and are often used as first-line treatment in countries where psychological interventions are difficult to access. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that health systems in selected countries around the world are not yet responding adequately to the burden of mental disorders and there is often a significant gap between the need for mental health care and its availability, especially in countries where psychological in- terventions are difficult to access, especially in low- and middle-income coun- tries. Global monitoring of consumption trends of psychotropic medicines at the country level can provide information on the extent of pharmacological interventions for mental disorders and the availability of psychotropic medicines. Moreover, data on the consumption of psychotropic medicines can be used to assess future policies, especially in middle-income countries where these data are lacking. Therefore, we conducted a pharmacoepidemiological study examining the market structure and costs of psychotropic medicines in the country. In order to assess the availability of psychotropic medicines, we assessed their physical and economic accessibility, which are included in the Essential Medicines List of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund Reimbursement Handbook.
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