Kulikov A.Y., Skripnik A.R. 4033

Relative value assessment of ipilimumab usage in patients with metastatic melanoma

Melanoma is a malignant tumor that develops from transformed melanocytes, located mainly in the skin. According to Russian statistics, the incidence of melanoma in 2014 was 9,390 new cases. In 2004-2014, melanoma prevalence rate per 100,000 population increased on average by 4.2% per year. High prevalence of melanoma and frequent poor prognosis necessitate search of innovative treatment methods and use of high-tech drugs. The unmet need for oncology therapies is substantial. The introduction of innovative, highcost treatments, coupled with mounting budgetary pressures, will necessitate value trade-offs across cancer types. Defining value will be critical to informing decision-making. The purpose of this study was to perform relative value analysis (RVA) of the ipilimumab use in patients with metastatic melanoma among the entire group of oncology products selected for comparison. Relative value analysis (RVA) can be used to benchmark the clinical and economic value delivered by one product versus others in a broad therapeutic class, using acceptable statistical methods applied to clinical and economic measures. These are naive comparisons with no adjustment for differences in trial characteristics or patient populations. The analysis could not be consider as a substiture for ITC/NMA or more sophisticaled cost effectiveness modeling.
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