Sboeva Sanna Georgievna

Honored Professor of Sechenov University, a well-known scientist, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, devoted more than 60 years of my scientific activity to the training of pharmaceutical personnel, created a scientific school. I am the founder of a new scientific direction "pharmaceutical geography".
Developed a set of methods for pharmacoecological econometrics, substantiated the methodology of marketing, socio-economic studies of the identification of the same type of territorial socio-ecological systems of drug provision for the population. Proposed a regional approach to the study of the consumer market of medicines and the rational use of medicinal resources; developed methodological foundations, logistical economic pharmaceutical management, marketing and pharmacoeconomics of pharmacy organizations. I have published about 400 scientific papers and more than 180 implementations at the federal, regional and institutional levels in Russia and abroad. I am the supervisor of six doctors and 23 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences. Many of them head the dean's offices and head the departments of the pharmaceutical faculties of our country and neighboring countries. My social and scientific activities have been marked by government awards, medals “For Labor Valor”, “Veteran of Labor”, and the badge “Excellent Health Worker”. My long-term work was awarded the gratitude of the President of the country V.V. Putin "For labor successes, a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, merits in the humanitarian sphere, many years of conscientious work and active social work."