Serpik V.G., Sorokovikov I.V., Yagudina R.I. 5170

Methodological basics of analysis of “cost-effectiveness”

Summary: The paper presents the basic methodology for the conduct of analysis of «cost-effectiveness» and incremental analysis of «cost-effectiveness». Among other aspects, the mathematical apparatus of these species of pharmacoeconomic analysis is discussed, their semantic content is described. In the scopes of the paper we focus on the order of these types of analysis, with a brief description of each stage and its features. In particular, the requirements of the selection of compared alternatives are illustrated, as well as the importance of the selection of effectiveness criterion and types of accounted costs are stressed. The approach toward the results in the frames of each considered types of pharmacoeconomic analysis is described in details. In conclusion, a detailed graphic of the algorithm on the described types of the analysis is illustrated. Keywords: Pharmacoeconomics, cost-effectiveness/efficacy, methodology of pharmacoeconomic analysis, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, threshold of willingness-to-pay, interpretation of results of the (incremental) “costeffectiveness” analysis, decision-making in the health system

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