Gorbunova E.S., Dudarenkova M.R., Nigmatullina Y.U., .., Suchkova A.S. 844

Analysis of the quality of life of patients with prostate cancer on hormone therapy using information technology

Malignant neoplasms of the prostate gland are the second most common malignant disease in the male population after lung cancer. Prostate cancer is the type of diseases, which can only be controlled, but not completely cured. The purpose of this article is to study the quality of life of patients with prostate cancer on hormonal therapy with the drug buserelin, which depends on the frequency of injection and combination with the drug bicalutamide. Methods: the results of analyses 70 questionnaires of patients with prostate cancer, diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer, aged 68 to 75 years. There were analyzed using data processing programs: Statistica 10.0. and MS Excel. Results: according to the data obtained, the treatment regimen consisting of buserelin and bicalutamide received the highest score for general health and emotional state. Most often, patients suffer from symptoms: «fatigue», «shortness of breath», «insomnia», which increase as the duration of the injection therapy of Buserelin increases. Conclusion: the results of the study showed the need to develop organizational technologies for optimizing drug supply for oncourological patients by introducing mechanisms for recording data on the quality of life on various types of therapy in medical records.
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