Dubinina T.V., Kulikov A.Y., Protsenko M.V., Serpik V.G. 1880

Budget impact analysis of seculinumab for the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis in the Russian Federation

Budget impact analysis of treatment of ankylosing spondylitis was carried out on the for cohort of 100 patients in the Russian Federation. With the current distribution of patients, adalimumab received 26%, golimumab – 14%, infliximab – 26%, etanercept 18%, certolizumab pegol 7%, secukinumab – 9%. With the simulated distribution of patients, the share of the most economical drug, secukinumab, was increased to 21.8%, while the shares of adalimumab, golimumab, infliximab, certolizumab pegol and etanercept were 21.6%, 13.8%, 13.8%, 5, 8%, 13.8%, respectively. Also, in the simulated distribution, the shares of recently registered drugs – netakimab - 6.8%, and ixekizumab – 2.6% were taken into account. With the current distribution of patients between drugs the budget is 92,868,680 rubles in the first year and 258,825,970 rubles for three years. With a simulated distribution, the costs in the first year are 86,626,248 rubles and 240,444,152 rubles for three years. Thus, when calculating per 100 patients, the simulated distribution of patients in comparison with the current one provides savings in the amount of 6,242,431 rubles in the first year and 18 381 818 rubles for three years. With the saved money, 9 patients can be additionally treated with secukinumab.
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