Protsenko M.V., Serpik V.G. 2190

Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of baricitinib in the treatment of adult patient with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis with intolerance or lack of an adequate response to treatment with one or more basic antirheumatic drugs in the Russian Federation

Pharmacoeconomic assessment is an obligate element for including a drug in the reimbursement lists – EDL and state federal reimbursement drug list, which in turn represents an important step in ensuring the availability of drug therapy. In this regard, the registration of a new drug of the group of janus kinase inhibitors, baricitinib in Russia, used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in patients with moderate and severe degree of intolerance or lack of adequate treatment for one or more basic antirheumatic drugs, actualized the task of its pharmacoeconomic assessment. The pharmacoeconomic analysis of baricitinib by the cost-effectiveness methods compared with adalimumab and the “budget impact” compared with the entire group of genetically engineered biological products showed that, from the point of view of the cost-effectiveness evaluation, baricitinib is characterized as a dominant alternative, and with the position of the “budget impact” evaluation, the use of baricitinib is accompanied by budget savings. In accordance with the current rules of pharmacoeconomic assessment, the drug baricitinib gains + 9 points and, by decision of the Commission of Ministry of Health, was included in the lists of EDL and state federal reimbursement drug list, approved by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation 2406-R of October 12, 2019.
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