Kulikov A.Y., Serpik V.G., Yagudina R.I. 2510

Pharmacoeconomics of innovations or innovation in pharmacoeconomics: a “relative value” analysis instead of a “cost-effectiveness” analysis?

The article presents the concept of the development of the methodology of cost-effectiveness analysis. The classic cost-effectiveness analysis allows us to determine the cost per unit of efficiency of the technologies under consideration. If one of the technologies, which is characterized by the greatest efficiency, also has a minimum value of CER, then it is considered strictly preferable. The CER in this case reflects the cost of achieving the unit of efficiency on this technology. If the more expensive technology, which is more efficient, is also characterized by a large value of the cost-effectiveness ratio, then there is a need for an incremental cost-effectiveness analysis. Its result is a calculated incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER), which reflects the additional cost of additional efficiency on a more efficient technology. Thus, the result of the incremental cost-effectiveness analysis directly depends on the choice of comparison technology, as well as the presence (or absence) of these alternatives on the market, and even the order of their registration in the country. The degree of acceptance by the health authorities of the notion of a “willingness to pay” threshold directly affects decisions made. In this regard, against the background of the registration of new innovative technologies, innovative approaches to their assessment are also required, which will adequately reflect in the assessment the factors of innovation and the increase in technology efficiency. This article presents the concept of the development of the cost- effectiveness analysis methodology with the transition to a new method of pharmacoeconomic evaluation - an analysis of the «relative value», which allows solving a number of methodological problems and making decisions under conditions of greater certainty.
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