Kulikov A.Y., Pochuprina A.A., Serpik V.G. 2202

Application of health technology assessment to targeted therapy in the treatment of inoperable locally advanced and metastatic basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common non-melanocytic skin cancer and is a tumor of the basal layer of the epidermis and hair follicles. Patients with a history of locally advanced or metastatic forms of BPC, undergo surgical treatment or radiation therapy. Until now, in the absence of the effectiveness of these methods, palliative medical care was provided to the patient with CCB. The emergence of a molecular-directed drug, vismodegib (Erivedge ™), opens up new prospects for the treatment of these forms of BPC and requires justification of its use in BPC patients with the help of health technology assessment (HTA). In the decision-making process regarding the implementation of this treatment method for patients with locally advanced and metastatic BPC, it is necessary to take into account both economic, clinical components and social significance, since the use of vismodehyb represents the only possibility of treating patients with these forms of BPC, surgical method and radiation therapy is not applicable.
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