Kulikov A.Y., Makarova E.I. 2970

Pharmacoeconomic characteristics of the medical product for the treatment of asthma – the medical product vilantherol + fluticasone furoate

High lability of the clinical aspect of asthma, poor observation of medical recommendations and low treatment adherence, make it necessary to search ways to optimize approaches to regimens of asthma therapy. According to GINA, not only correctly selected therapy but also the correct use of an inhalation device, increases control of the disease. Incorrect inhalation techniques affect the effectiveness of treatment and can lead to increased health system costs and a decrease in the patients’ quality of life. Objective. In this regard, the objective of this study was to conduct a comparative pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the use of vilanterol + fluticasone furoate (Relvar Ellipta) and budesonide + formoterol (Symbicort® Turbuhaler®) delivered with various inhalation devices. Materials and methods. Based on the clinical trials data on the effectiveness of the comparative treatment regimens, data on the cost of medical products, medical services, and the frequency of their provision, the effectiveness criteria were selected, their final values were modeled, cost analysis, cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis were conduct- ed. Results. The cost analysis educed that the amounts of direct costs of asthma therapy with vilanterol + fluticasone furoate 22 μg + 184 μg / dose is 49% lower than the costs of treatment with high doses of budesonide + formoterol, the use of vilanterol + fluticasone furoate 22 mcg + 92 mcg / dose is 36% lower than the costs of asthma with medium doses of budesonide + formoterol, and is equal to the sum of direct costs of treating asthma with low-dose budesonide + formoterol. The «cost-effectiveness» analysis demonstrated that the therapy of vilanterol + fluticasone furoate in both dosages is dominant compared to therapy with equiv- alent medium and high doses of budesonide + formoterol. The budget impact analysis showed that the switching of 186,394 patients suffering from asthma from budesonide + formoterol to vilanterol + fluticasone furoate would result in savings of total direct costs of up to 6.2 billion rubles per year. Conclusion. Based on the results of the study, the pharmacoeconomic reasonability of use of vilanterol + fluticasone furoate, delivered by the Ellipta inhalation device, was established in the treatment of patients suffering from asthma.
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