Glushchenko A.A., Kulikov A.Y., Yagudina R.I. 4502

A comparative pharmacoeconomic analysis of impact of alcohol consumption on russia’s economy (2010 – 2017 dynamics)

This paper is devoted to assessment of economic burden of excessive alcohol consumption in Russian Federation. In the course of analysis, we gathered data about direct costs of treatment of conditions, directly or indirectly caused by excessive alcohol consumption, and indirect costs. A total burden of excessive alcohol consumption is more than 547 billion rubles, which makes up to 0,68% of Russia’s GDP for the year 2015. Since 2010 the burden has decreased by nearly 100 billion rubles, and the decrease of burden in relative values from 1,98% to 0,68% of GDP, which gives the evidence of the effectiveness of the government policy in the sphere of alcohol consumption control.
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