Babiy V.V., Kulikov A.Y. 3800

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of nivolumab in treatment of nonresectable stage III-IV melanoma among treatment-naive BRAF-mutated patients in the Russian Federation

In conducted pharmacoeconomic study we analyzed treatment of nonresectable stage III-IV melanoma among BRAF-mutated treatment-naïve patients: monotherapy with nivolumab, scheme dabrafenib + trametinib and scheme vemurafenib + cobimetinib. Cost-effectiveness analysis and budgetimpact analysis were based on a modeling approach. Progression free survival (PFS) was used as an effectiveness criteria. Only direct costs of medical help at first-line of antitumor treatment were taken into account. Time horizon was equal to PFS of mentioned treatment schemes. Results of cost-effectiveness analysis showed that the lowest CERPFS was on the monotherapy with nivolumab. In budget-impact analysis using of nivolumab instead of dabrafenib + trametinib and vemurafenib + cobimetinib leaded to decrease of both antitumor treatment costs and total medical costs of first-line treatment of melanoma, resulting in possibility of treatment in 3,3 and 3,6 times more patients within equal budget, respectively (in case of treatment with nivolumab). Obtained results of costeffectiveness analysis were stable to increase of nivolumab price within 1,5-2,0 or to decrease of alternative schemes prices within 1,5-2,0.
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