Kulikov A.Y., Snegovoy A.V., Ugrekhelidze D.T. 4935

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of eporatio for treatment of anemia in cancer patients

This article deals with pharmacoeconomic study of erythropoietin use in patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia. Four treatments were evaluated, i.e. Epoetin alfa, Epoetin beta, Epoetin theta and Darbepoetin alfa. The results of pharmacoeconomic analysis show that use of Epoetin theta (Eporatio) is the most cost-effective regimen for anemia treatment in cancer patients. Cost-cutting upon patient’s transition to Eporatio amounts up to 9,129 rubles (transition from Epoetin beta), up to 13,812 rubles (transition from Epoetin alfa) and 165,527 rubles (transition from Darbepoetin alfa). Budget impact analysis demonstrated a possibility of total cost-cutting in the amount of 197,075,449 rubles if purchase share of Eporatio increases to 30% via reducing purchase share of Epoetin alfa by 15%, Epoetin beta by 13% and Darbepoetin alfa by 2%.
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