Novikov I.V., Yagudina R.I. 4109

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the use of a fixed dose combination of metformin and glibenclamide in the therapy of diabetes mellitus type 2

Retrospective analysis of using fixed combinations of metformine and glibenclamide against separate scheme was carried out using the following methods: “cost-effectiveness”, “budget impact” and “sensitivity analysis”. For assessment of long-term impact of the compared methods of therapy on the results of the cost-effectiveness analysis, in terms of QALYs, and cost analysis, a Markov model with a 20-year model horizon was used. The compared alternatives were a fixed dose combination (FDC)of metformin and glibenclamide (Glucovance) and non-fixed dose combinations (nFDC) of glibenclamide (Maninil) and each of the three generics of metformin, consumption of which took a leading position in consumption in the Russian Federation (Siofor, Metformin-Richter and Formetine). The effectiveness analysis showed that the total QALY for 20 years made 6.7121 and 6.2416 for the therapy with metformin FDC and nFDC respectively. And the cumulative cost made 2,512 thousand roubles, 2,687 thousand roubles, 2,690 thousand roubles and 2,696 thousand roubles for the therapy with Glucovance and combinations of Maninil and Formetine, Metformin-Richter and Siofor respectively.
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