Kulikov A.Y., Pochuprina A.A. 4598

Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of dabrafenib in patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma with BRAF V600 mutation

Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of patients with BRAF mutation-positive melanoma treatment with dabrafenib and vemurafenib was conducted in the present study. When analyzing the costs required per one year of the therapy with the drugs being compared, it was established that treatment with dabrafenib was 28% less expensive in comparison with vemurafenib, and the differences in the cost per patient per year was 1,633,622 RUB. The budget impact analysis has shown that dabrafenib comparing to vemurafenib treatment to may reduce budget costs by 1,268,108 RUB per patient within first one year. The results based on data from previous clinical studies have shown that treatment with dabrafenib reduces costs by 35% as compared to the therapy with vemurafenib. Analysis demonstrated that throughout the projected cohort of patients (1245 patients), requiring BRAF-kinase inhibitors treatment, dabrafenib treatment allows to treat additional 680 patients in comparison with vemurafenib within the period before the beginning of progression. Therefore, dabrafenib therapy is preferred treatment option for patients with BRAF mutation-positive advanced and unresectable melanoma in Russian Federation.
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