Serpik V.G., Yagudina R.I. 4593

Methodological issues of pharmacoeconomic modeling

The increase of practical application of pharmacoeconomics in the organization of medicinal provision the Russian Federation requires clarification of the definition of the concepts of pharmacoeconomics. Thus, in the context of the academic approach the term «pharmacoeconomics» can be defined as an independent science that studies in comparative terms the ratio between cost and effectiveness, safety and quality of life of patients with different treatment regimens or disease prevention. However, from the perspective of practical application it will be more accurate to consider pharmacoeconomics as a tool for decision support, providing decision-makers, relevant and reliable information in order to create from them a clear understanding of the situation and the possibility of taking appropriate optimal solutions. Herewith, wide opportunities of pharmacoeconomics are based on the application of pharmacoeconomic modeling. In this connection, the authors, based on their own practical experience create a domestic and adapted foreign foreign pharmacoeconomic models, set out the methodological basis of pharmacoeconomic modeling in this article in the form in which they meet the requirements and demands imposed by owners, using the results of pharmacoeconomic evaluations in the modern system of medicine provision in the Russian Federation
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