Kulikov A.Y., Novikov I.V. 5835

Pharmacoeconomic Analysis of Insulin Degludec (Tresiba®) Use in Basal therapy of Type 2 Diabetes

The goal of this analysis is to evaluate the incremental cost-utility of insulin degludec compared with glargine in patients with type 2 diabetes receiving basal-only therapy in addition to metformin as per prescribing conditions in the Russia. Total medical costs and effectiveness in terms of QALY were collected and analysed for insulin degludec and insulin glargine, both in combination with metformin. Sources of data: the effectiveness - the analysis of publications of clinical studies, drug prices - register for the prices of the VED, the cost of health care resources - standard providing outpatient services. Results: The analysis illustrates that insulin degludec for type 2 diabetes provides a significant health improvement expressed in quality adjusted lifeyears. The ICUR of insulin degludec in combination with metformin compared to insulin glargine, both added to metformin was estimated at 337 112 rub for QALY which demonstrates its cost-effectiveness.
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