Melik-Guseynov D.V. 4681

Budget impact of using recombinant coagulation factor VIII in patients with hemophilia A

The market entry of modern recombinant blood coagulation factors VIII have brought the quality and safety of medical help for hemophilia A patients to a higher level. Before 2015 only full-length recombinant blood coagulation factor VIII (INN octocog alfa) was available to patients within the framework of the federal reimbursement program “7 Nosologies”, while in 2015 the first B-domain deleted recombinant factor VIII (INN moroctocog alpha) was included in the program for the first time and also became available to patients. During the analysis of clinical and economic characteristics of these drugs it was found that the cost of treatment with full-length factor VIII is lower than with B-domain deleted factor VIII due to lower risk of inhibitor development and clinically-proven reduction in bleeding frequency on prophylaxis in fulllength recombinant factor VIII, as well as to higher consumption of B-domain deleted factors for effective bleeding prophylaxis. As a consequence, clinically unreasonable patient switching from full-length to B-domain deleted factors requires “7 Nosologies” budget increase comparing to 2014.
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