Babiy V.V., Kulikov A.Y. 5087

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of von willebrand factor/blood clotting factor viii concentrate (wilate) in the management of patients with von willebrand disease

The aim of this study was to determine optimal medical technique based on assessing cost and efficacy of treatment of von Willebrand disease using blood clotting factor concentrates (blood clotting factor VIII + von Willebrand factor): Wilate, Haemate P, Immunate. It was determined that in studies on assessing the efficiency of the concentrates more than 95% of patients rated hemostasis excellent/good. However, the studies were based on different scales of efficiency assessment, different vWF:RСo doses and different data for vWD patients (severity of the disease), therefore the efficiency of blood clotting factor concentrates might be not equal. Results of present study with the assumption about equality of groups, that were analyzed in studies on assessing the efficiency of the concentrates (although, studies on Wilate included more severe patients),evidence that prescribing blood clotting factor concentrate Wilate lead to cost savings compared to the older generation products.
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