Kulikov A.Y., Strunina (Rybchenko) Y.V. 4998

Pharmacoeconomic analysis to compare subcutaneous versus intravenous mabthera® (rituximab) in patients with follicular lymphoma

Follicular lymphoma is a disease requiring effective therapy that helps to improve a patient’s quality of life. In this study, a comparative analysis of subcutaneous administration of MabThera versus intravenous MabThera was performed. Considering that the formulations are equally effective, a cost minimization analysis was carried out, which showed that transition from intravenous to subcutaneous MabThera resulted in savings of 35,847 rubles per one patient during the treatment course due to the decreased drug administration expenses, medical staff costs, and expenses for hospitalization or day-time staying. The use of the subcutaneous formulation can also prevent economic damage caused by loss of the drug remaining in the vial with the use of the intravenous formulation where the dose depends on the body surface area.
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