Bukharov K.G., Volkova O.I., Masienko M.S. 5551

Practice of pharmacoeconomic analysis usage for optimization of hospital procurement of surgical gloves

The choice and procurement of surgical gloves on the Russian hospital market were experience-based until now. In most cases, the determining factor is their purchase cost. So functional traits of gloves are not covered, the factors of eligibility defined by direct consumers on all characteristics are not taken into account, the additional costs arising from the use of low-quality goods are also not taken into account. Model of surgical gloves choice and procurement optimization designed by Medcom-MP allows to change situation by taking into account such factors as: as the limit of the expenditure, the amount, type and duration of operations and other surgical procedures, the number of users (surgeons, operating and dressing nurses), individual tolerance of different glove materials, etc. Results obtained using this model can be used for can be used to support state and municipal procurement.
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