Kulikov A.Y., Strunina (Rybchenko) Y.V. 6198

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the use of the kuvan drug product in phenylketonuric patients

A pharmacoeconomic study of the treatment of phenylketonuria (PHU) treatment using Kuvan drug product combined with the diet or dietary therapy alone has been conducted. It has been established that the therapy is dominant in the first case when compared to the second case because it shows better therapeutic effectiveness and is characterized by a lower cost–effectiveness ratio. It has also been determined that the addition of Kuvan to the dietary therapy requires additional costs of 11,569,761 RUB per one patient over 16 years. Despite the increase in the costs linked to the use of the new and only drug for the treatment of PKU, the overall effect on the budget will be decreased due to the low prevalence of the disease.
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