Kulikov A.Y., Strunina (Rybchenko) Y.V. 6317

Pharmacoeconomic study of herceptin® (trastuzumab) for breast cancer patients

Breast cancer is a global problem due to its wide prevalence which is increasing every year. The comparative pharmacoeconomic study of Herceptin in subcutaneous and intravenous formulations was conducted for optimization of drug supply for this nosology. Direct medical expenses without taking into account the drug price were compared. As a result of pharmacoeconomic evaluation of the alternative treatment options, it was established that subcutaneous Herceptin saves 39,806 roubles per patient during one treatment year due to the cost differences related to administration, medical staff, as well as hospitalization. Moreover, when IV formulation is used for one treatment year per patient, the medicinal substance is lost due to « throwing out» the remaining part of the drug in the vial, which may not be used in connection with breach of sterile dosage forms. The loss is as high as 166,208 roubles; this translates into 11% monetary loss from the whole treatment cycle.
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